Student critic: Otherwise snappy, sparkly girl ‘Ghostbusters’ failed to address race issues

Student critic: Otherwise snappy, sparkly girl ‘Ghostbusters’ failed to address race issues
(Image: Screen grab of Columbia Pictures trailer, 'Ghostbusters Reboot,' YouTube)

[Ed. – You’ve got to love being alive and sentient in 2016.  H/t: Katherine Timpf, NRO.]

To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.

The film honestly sparkled and snapped off of the screen. An older, not-so-great classic was recycled and updated and made better.

The jokes were funnier, the scares were more startling, the acting was more genuine and the story was better explained. In short, the film surprised me. Beneath the tacky trailer and controversial reception, it kept the interest of the audience and had an amount of quality not often seen in comedies or reboots or ghost movies. …

The movie was also incredibly free from the conventional male presence that is characteristic of most films. The film revolved around women and their talents and their humor, with men playing comedic bit parts and the super villain, making the film feel like a sisterhood, especially for female viewers. …

Only two areas kept “Ghostbusters” out of the realm of a five-star comedy — the easily forgettable soundtrack and the film’s lack of attention toward race issues, specifically the rights of women of color.

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