Say: Why didn’t Trump the deal-maker manage to make one with Ted Cruz?

Say: Why didn’t Trump the deal-maker manage to make one with Ted Cruz?

[Ed. – An alternative view, and perhaps an interesting question.  Although I don’t think, and never thought, that Cruz’s only sticking point was the snotty Trump remarks about Heidi Cruz and Cruz’s father.]

Trump and Cruz met on July 7.  There could only have been one subject, despite the claim of a spokeswoman for the Senator: Cruz’s endorsement.

It’s now clear what Cruz would have asked in return:  apart from a promise about “future judicial appointments,” acknowledged by the spokeswoman, Ted would have asked for an apology for Trump’s remarks about his father and his wife.

Any competent team of negotiators should have been able to craft in a couple of hours a statement acceptable to both men.

The candidates could have together expressed regret about attacks on family members, and Trump could have added that he does not belief Rafael Cruz was in any way connected with the assassination of JFK.

Cruz may also have insisted on a statement that both candidates endorse the Constitution and believe in limited government and individual rights.  These sentiments might not be to Donald’s taste, but he should have had no trouble signing off on them.

So why did the greatest negotiator on the planet fail to do a deal with Cruz?

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