Obama lauded ‘LGBT Muslims’ at Eid al-Fitr celebration

Obama lauded ‘LGBT Muslims’ at Eid al-Fitr celebration
Crusader. (Image: maverickmen via Tumblr, Slate)

[Ed. – Hey, he’s The One, after all.  He can explain Islam to Muslims if he wants to.]

Obama said Muslims of all backgrounds have for “centuries” helped to build America as farmers, merchants, factory workers, architects, teachers and community leaders. “And Muslim Americans have enriched our lives every single day,” he said.

“You’re the doctors we trust with our health, entrepreneurs who create jobs, artists who inspire us, activists for for social justice like the LGBT Muslims who are on the front lines in the fight for equality.”

The remark drew applause.

But as CNSNews.com reported in June, half of the countries in the world where homosexual behavior is legally prohibited are Islamic states, and in 13 of those countries, the death penalty is codified in shari’a (Islamic) law. …

The president also singled out American fencing champion Ibtihaj Muhammad: “She’s going to be proudly wearing her hijab when she represents America at the Rio Olympics. No pressure,” he joked.

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