Sanders delegates looking to nominate alternative to Tim Kaine

Sanders delegates looking to nominate alternative to Tim Kaine

The Bernie Delegates Network, a “reflective, not directive” grassroots network of about 1,250, or two thirds of, Bernie Sanders delegates, held a press conference this morning to express their displeasure with the Democratic party as the convention comes to a start in Philadelphia today, and indicated delegates would try to put forward an alternative vice presidential nomination, but would not offer any names.

California Sanders delegation co-representative Karen Bernal said delegates came to Philly “with an entirely different agenda than what the Democratic party would like to see itself part of.” She reported that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed at the Florida delegate breakfast and that California delegates booed other speakers at their breakfast.

They were also in Philadelphia “to talk about actually the power structure, its corruption, the fact that we utterly reject the systerm we’re operating in now,” said Bernal.

“The California delegation is not happy about this at all,” said Manuel Zapata, a Bernie Sanders delegate and volunteer.

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