Tweep: ‘Tim Kaine is #dadbod’ (and that’s a good thing, apparently)

Tweep: ‘Tim Kaine is #dadbod’ (and that’s a good thing, apparently)
Rockin' the #dadbod. (Image: Screen grabe of Hillary Clinton video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Why do Millennials all seem to talk like toddlers still feeling out this new tool called “language”?  Better question: who’d have thought anything could one day make me long for some good, old-fashioned, overly precious sophomoric verbosity?]

While Obama had no problem winning the youth vote with his promise of hope and change, Hillary Clinton’s struggle to win over millennials has been pretty well documented. Actress Molly Ephraim of ABC’s “Last Man Standing” and a couple of “Paranormal Activity” installments posits that Clinton’s choice of vice president could give her a boost with the generation that coined the term “dad bod,” and not as an insult.

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