2 Vermont DNC delegates excluded because they’re (yuck!) men

2 Vermont DNC delegates excluded because they’re (yuck!) men
(Image via American Mirror)

There’s been some debate about who should represent Vermont at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

Two elected delegates are being removed from Vermont’s delegate pool. One of them is filing a formal complaint against the Democratic National Convention.

Ken Dean and State Senator Tim Ashe were elected as delegates back in June. But earlier this month, the national party ordered them to be replaced with women, so the Vermont delegation would be balanced with 13 men and 13 women.

Dean will be filing a formal complaint against the DNC, Ashe says he will not be filing a complaint, but is nevertheless disappointed.

“Bernie was my political mentor. He was the first person I worked for when I graduated college and I really came of age under him so I’m really bummed to not be able to watch him give his speech at the national convention. On the other hand, the rules are the rules and life goes on and I’m just going to enjoy a great week in Vermont next week and I’ll be watching the speech with other Vermonters,” said Ashe.

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