Kiev: Bomb kills journalist who was one of Putin’s biggest critics

Kiev: Bomb kills journalist who was one of Putin’s biggest critics
Security camera captures moment when Pavel Sheremet's car exploded in Kiev. (Image: Screen grab of UNIMEDIA video, YuTube)

[Ed. – Another reminder of why America’s salvation does not lie in an uncritical alliance with Putin’s Russia — for any purpose.]

Pavel Sheremet was killed Wednesday morning in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev when the car he was driving exploded. Ukrainian government officials called the bombing “cynical and well-premeditated murder” and have not ruled out Russian involvement. The bomb was planted underneath the vehicle.

Sheremet was a Belarusian native and spent most of his journalistic career deriding corruption in Belarus and Russia’s Kremlin – causing ire from governments in both countries and resulted in consequences for the pro-Western journalist. …

Sheremet moved to Ukraine several years ago after quitting Russian TV in protest of Putin’s suppression of media.

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