California: Man assembles improvised ‘chemical weapon’ inside a Wal-Mart

California: Man assembles improvised ‘chemical weapon’ inside a Wal-Mart
New and hot: the Improvised Chemical Device threat. (Image: Screen grab of CBS 2 video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Is nothing sacred?  This was in Oxnard.  And no, watching the video doesn’t clarify what the nature of the weapon was.  The police aren’t going to give out details on that, of course.]

Detectives identified the suspect as Martin Reyes. They say he went to the store after conducting research online on how to build a deadly chemical weapon.

Once inside the store, police said the man assembled all of the ingredients from store shelves, which included some kind of electronic appliance.

Police said he used a socket near the stationary section to plug in the appliance, which was then designed to set the chemical weapon off.

“This device could have caused a lot of harm,” Sonstegard said. …

Oxnard detectives utilizing evidence at the scene and security video tracked down Reyes Tuesday. He was already behind bars on unrelated charges. …

Police said the suspect is mentally unstable and described him as a “career criminal.”

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