Black father whose son was gunned down by illegal alien: ‘You’d think Obama cared – no’

Black father whose son was gunned down by illegal alien: ‘You’d think Obama cared – no’
Image: CNSNews video screen grab

A black man whose 17-year-old son was gunned down by an illegal immigrant eight years ago described Monday how the support he received after his son’s murder dried up once it was revealed that the shooter was in the country illegally.

Jamiel Shaw said his life “changed in a twinkling of an eye” on March 2, 2008, when his son, Jamiel “Jazz” Shaw II, was heading home.

“One minute, I’m hearing my son’s voice: ‘Be right home, old man. I’m right around the corner.’ Next minute, gun shots, and Jazz’s dead. I saw the hole in his head and blood everywhere. It happened so fast, Jazz was still holding his phone. At the same moment, his mother was serving in our military overseas,” Shaw said in a speech at the Republican National Convention Monday night.

Police said 17-year-old Jamiel was walking home when two Latino men jumped out of a car and asked him what gang he belonged to. When he didn’t respond quickly enough, they shot him, the Los Angeles Times reported in an article dated March 2, 2008. The teen was a running back in high school and was considered the Southern League’s MVP. His talents drew the attention of Stanford University and Rutgers University.

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