‘Victim’ lawmaking and the prison of intimidation for children of same-sex couples

‘Victim’ lawmaking and the prison of intimidation for children of same-sex couples
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[Ed. – This prison may not affect very many people, but it is real, and entirely artificial.  Lopez points out that the children of same-sex couples must have First Amendment protection for their right to criticize same-sex parenting.  Emphasis added.]

It is not uncommon for a protected group to be subject to anti-discrimination law if they discriminate against another protected group.  Eric Walsh, Angela McCaskill, and the many African-American Christians who have been punished for supposed homophobia all attest to the eagerness with which oppressed minorities can be liable for supposedly harming other oppressed minorities.

But gayness, unlike blackness, is not automatically passed down as a protected status from parents to children.  I inherited Puerto Rican ancestry from my mother but not her lesbianism.  This places me in a conundrum that nobody in the government has been willing to try to solve.

While gays can be charged with racial discrimination and racial minorities can be charged with anti-gay discrimination, between gay couples and the children they adopt through the power of the state, there is a perfect asymmetry.  The gay community can target and even destroy the child raised by gay parents as punishment for opposing gay marriage – which, for such a child, is an incredibly direct and personal issue – but if the child is not gay, then the child has nothing to charge against the harassers.

The role of the state in creating this inequality is alarming, which is why I published a highly controversial article on May 1, 2015 called “Imagine Gay Marriage Reparations.”  …

When I wrote “Imagine Gay Marriage Reparations,” I was being speculative, but now, having been hounded out of a job by liberals who retaliated against me for honestly describing the plight of children raised by gay parents, I have hard proof that this legal conundrum is headed toward a serious crisis.

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