Sister of slain Baton Rouge officer delivers this poignant message

Sister of slain Baton Rouge officer delivers this poignant message
Image: Family photo via GoFundMe

One of the officers who was shot and killed on Sunday was Montrell Jackson -– a 32-year-old dad with a new baby. His sister Joycelyn Jackson didn’t even know what had happened until she was in church, and her pastor asked the congregation to pray for her family. Another of Joycelyn’s brothers had told the pastor what had happened before she had gotten there.

“I didn’t want to break down in church but it was just something I couldn’t hold,” she told the Washington Post. “He was a wonderful person. A wonderful person.”

While Joycelyn said she understood the anger behind Black Lives Matter, there’s no excuse for what happened to her brother. “God gives nobody the right to kill and take another person’s life,” she said.

She added, rather poignantly, “It’s coming to the point where no lives matter, whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or whatever.” [Emphasis added]

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