Just wait for the DNC: The first night of the RNC was a cynical exploitation of grief

Just wait for the DNC: The first night of the RNC was a cynical exploitation of grief
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[Ed. – Among other exploitative sideshows, Michael Brown’s mother will be in the house at the DNC.]

For the first time (and hopefully the last time in my life), I felt a glimmer of admiration tonight for John Kasich. He may be an implacable foe of unions, an enemy of a woman’s right to control her own fertility, a Murdoch shill who never met a corporate tax break he didn’t like, a faithful bedfellow of the Koch brothers and the American Legislative Exchange Council with a long history of misdeeds in office, but having to actually watch Donald Trump become the Republican Party’s nominee for president was simply more than he could stomach.

Compare him, for example, to Rick Perry, who only a year ago denounced Trump as “a cancer on conservatism,” but who has now apparently decided that the cancer had gone into remission. Still sporting the glasses Trump accused him of “wearing to make him seem smart,” Perry swallowed his pride, and his principles, for his moment in the convention spotlight.

There were a few Republicans inside the Quicken Loans Arena who, for a brief moment on Monday afternoon, seemed prepared to consider the claims on conscience.

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