What every armed force needs: A sex-change manual

What every armed force needs: A sex-change manual

[Ed. – Read on: this really is about military readiness.  Honest.  Emphasis in original.]

What was that again? A sex change manual for the military? Turns out there’s now one of those too. (Washington Times)

The U.S. military has a manual for everything, from how to dress to how to wage war.

Now the Pentagon has sent out a detailed written instruction to commanders on how a service member can change his or her sex in a step-by-step process that allows for extended time off. …

Rather than a doctor, the service member’s commanding officer will need to personally take charge of this situation. The rules go into effect this October and state that the service member must obtain a physician’s diagnosis that becoming a transgender person is “medically necessary” for the man or woman to meet military obligations.

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