RNC floor drama: #NeverTrump effort to force roll-call vote on rules fails

RNC floor drama: #NeverTrump effort to force roll-call vote on rules fails
Ken Cuccinelli and NeverTrump faction demand a roll-call vote on convention rules. (Image: Screen grab of Donald Trump video, YouTube)

[Ed. – It was, at least, dramatic.  Convention managers actually left the podium area completely empty for about 20 minutes as anti-Trump forces shouted for the roll-call vote.  There didn’t seem to be any question when the voice vote was held that the “ayes” (pro-Trump side) had it.  The roll-call vote was ultimately denied because three of the nine state delegations that had forwarded petitions for a roll-call vote rescinded their requests.  I’m sure there was no arm-twisting involved in that.]

Open discord and revolt broke out on the floor of the Republican National Convention Monday as GOP officials crushed an attempt to embarrass presumptive nominee Donald Trump and GOP leaders that nevertheless underscored simmering divisions in the party.

In a highly unusual show of disunity and anger on the floor of a modern party convention, a group of states tried to force a state-by-state roll call vote on the rules of the convention. The rebellion apparently caught Trump’s campaign team by surprise, and his lieutenants were seen frantically whipping votes on the floor to squelch the effort amid scenes of deepening disarray.

The dramatic scenes that unfolded around a normally routine procedure in passing the convention rules effectively turned into the last stand of party forces who had opposed the billionaire in the contentious Republican primary. Those holdouts were not trying to deprive Trump of the nomination — in the knowledge they didn’t have the votes.

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