McCain: Obama allowed Nice attack to happen

McCain: Obama allowed Nice attack to happen
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[Ed. – It’s not as simple as just pulling our troops out of Iraq.  But Obama has the same culpability as European leaders in terms of the policies that encouraged and enabled this awful development.]

Arizona Sen. John McCain says President Obama “allowed” the Bastille Day attack in Nice that left at least 84 people dead to happen, blaming his policies towards ISIS for failing “America and the world.”

“As far as the tragedy in France is concerned, obviously this is an act of mayhem and despicable,” the Arizona senator told KTAR’s 92.3FM’s Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes on Friday. “I also have to tell you — our prayers are with the families, obviously, and the French people — but I also have to tell you, that as long as we have a leadership in this country — the president of the United States — who allowed this to happen, his policies are directly responsible for ISIS and ISIS is responsible for these attacks.”

“We had the war won, thanks to the service of so many brave Americans that sacrificed their blood and treasure, and the president decided to pull everybody out of Iraq,” McCain said.

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