Boy, age 12, arrested in alleged plot to shoot police

Boy, age 12, arrested in alleged plot to shoot police
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Baton Rouge Police say they arrested a 12-year-old boy Friday who they say was the fourth suspect in a plot to kill police with handguns stolen from a city pawn shop.

Police arrested three suspects after the pawn shop robbery almost a week earlier. One of the suspects allegedly told responding officers that they were stealing the weapons to harm officers during protests against police-involved shootings, according to Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie. However, The Daily Advertiser reports that the police report detailing the investigation makes no mention of an alleged threat that the suspects were looking to harm police officers.

The arrests came after Alton Sterling, a black man, was shot to death July 5 by two police officers outside a Baton Rouge convenience store. The next day, Philando Castile was killed by a St. Anthony police officer during a Minnesota traffic stop. The next night, Army veteran Micah Johnson conducted a sniper-style ambush on Dallas law enforcement, killing five.

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