It’s time for ‘Never Trump’ to stop acting like Gore Democrats

It’s time for ‘Never Trump’ to stop acting like Gore Democrats
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In the 2000 election Al Gore was only a few hanging chads away from becoming President of the United States. The nation was embroiled in recount purgatory for over a month. But after the Supreme Court ruled and Gore conceded, Democrats denied the truth and to this some still say that Gore beat Bush. Three days before the 2016 RNC those “never Trump” people are acting just like those Gore Democrats, refusing to acknowledge that they fought hard, but lost.


On Thursday night after the “never Trump” movement lost their fight in the convention rules committee. They wanted to unbind the delegates allowing them to vote for who they wanted rather than who they were elected to support.

After the results became public, the tone and the comments from the “never Trump” people were similar to those Democrats who have worn mourning black ever since Bush v. Gore;” the committee was rigged,” “the GOP doesn’t believe in giving people choice,” “we are going to take it to the floor.”

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