No, no, no: The free-the-delegates #NeverTrump movement isn’t dead, people

No, no, no: The free-the-delegates #NeverTrump movement isn’t dead, people
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[Ed. – It’s just, well, basically Undead.  Stop beating a dead horse, folks.]

The vote to end debate on the [delegates’ conscience] clause received only 21 “no” votes, which seems to hint that the anti-Trump delegates do not have enough votes to reach the 28-delegate threshold in order to guarantee the conscience clause a hearing at the full convention.

Colorado delegate and Rules Committee member Kendal Unruh has led the movement for the conscience clause, which failed Thursday night. Nevertheless, she has insisted that delegates have a “God-given right” to vote freely.

But there’s no getting around it, she lost on Thursday night. …

Nevertheless, these declarations are overconfident. There is still a chance that Unruh gains the 28 signatures she needs, but chances are heavily stacked against her movement.

[O…K. – Ed.]

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