France: President Hollande manages to spend $11,000 a month on hair care

France: President Hollande manages to spend $11,000 a month on hair care
Saudis get warlike with a visiting Francois Hollande in late 2013. (Image: SPA)

[Ed. – This doesn’t appear to be a joke.  I don’t think Jackie Onassis spent that much on hair care.]

France’s socialist president Francois Hollande is in a bit of trouble over recently confirmed reports that he spends 10,000 euros a month on hair care. The issue, now mockingly dubbed “CoiffeurGate” online, has grabbed so much attention that Hollande was forced to defend himself during a televised interview. The AP reports Hollande’s critics find his excessive spending more than a little at odds with his claims to be a regular guy (“Monsieur Normal”) who dislikes the wealthy:

Critics expressed surprise that a leader whose hair is thinning could spend so much per month preening, when a posh men’s haircut in Paris costs about 50 euros ($56). There was no suggestion that the money was being used for hair plugs or other surgical hair costs. …

French media calculated that Hollande’s monthly hair maintenance is nearly four times that of an average French worker’s salary.

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