How Obama ruined his Dallas memorial speech

How Obama ruined his Dallas memorial speech
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How do you ruin a great speech?

President Obama gave us a master class in doing just that Tuesday at the memorial service to the five Dallas police officers gunned down last week.

For 15 minutes, the president’s speech was — and this is a word I use advisedly — magnificent. It was elevated and powerful and profoundly moving.

And it was unifying, genuinely unifying, in the way the president made clear our commonalities with the police officers whose lives were ended….

And then he blew it … by going on for almost 25 more minutes, repeating himself endlessly, and broadening his specific focus to a more general preachment about how “we” need to “open our hearts” on the subject of race.

As usual, Obama made strange use of the word “we,” because when he says “we,” he means “you,” and when he means “you,” he means people who aren’t as enlightened and thoughtful as he and his ideological compatriots are.

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