Obama to police reps in White House meeting: Look, you guys are institutionally racist

Obama to police reps in White House meeting: Look, you guys are institutionally racist
The communities-whisperer. (Image: Screen grab of White House video via YouTube)

[Ed. – That would help explain his utter lack of grace at the Dallas memorial on Tuesday.  Poor old Joe — the VP was the source of this information — doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.]

Obama met with representatives of several police groups at the White House on Monday, just one day before he attends a commemoration — and gives a speech — in Dallas for five cops who were killed by anti-white, racist African-American.

When the police groups told him that he’s not done enough to support the nation’s popular police forces, Obama quickly rejected their criticism, Vice President Joe Biden told CNN. He “talked about [his support]. He gave a list. He said, ‘I’ll be happy to send you all of these statements that I have made,” Biden said. “I don’t think that the [police groups] heard loudly and clearly, that, he in fact has, repeatedly, been supportive of the police organizations,” Biden insisted.

But Obama then told the police groups that they, their members and their police forces are part of a racist law enforcement system, Biden said.  (Emphasis in original.)

“And he said, ‘But you also have to recognize that there is still institutional discrimination. That doesn’t just exist in policing. It exists in many other areas, hiring, housing, etc. …”

Obama’s accusation of ‘institutional racism’ was not mentioned in the White House’s summary of the meeting.

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