Venezuela opens border with Colombia: 35,000 immediately pour through

Venezuela opens border with Colombia: 35,000 immediately pour through
Venezuela-Colombia border, 10 Jul 2016. (Image: Screen grab of video posted by Reged Ahmad, YouTube)

[Ed. – Unreal for these people.  The longer this goes on, the more likely they are to not go back.  When that tipping point arrives, well, you know where they’ll go.]

The socialist government of Venezuela opened its western border with Colombia for 12 hours this weekend as a means of combatting growing food shortages in the nation. An estimated 35,000 took advantage of the opening to buy basic food items like sugar and flour and to visit relatives they were barred from seeing after a mass deportation last year. …

Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reports that the line to cross the bridge into Cúcuta, Colombia began forming at 3 AM the morning before the event… Border patrol agents began to allow Venezuelans to cross the border at 5 AM local time. …

Those who managed to stock up during the limited time that the border remained open, however, appeared satisfied. “We bought rice, pasta, sugar, toilet paper, butter, everything we could bring back. We had enough for lots of stuff,” one father told the Spanish newswire service EFE. …

The border between Venezuela and Colombia in Táchira state has been closed since August 2015, when Maduro asserted that it was necessary to close the border to prevent “smugglers” from selling food and goods from Colombia on the Venezuelan black market.

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