Psychiatrists: Brits now suffering ‘Brexit anxiety’

Psychiatrists: Brits now suffering ‘Brexit anxiety’
Countdown to zero hour.

[Ed. – OK.  We are absolutely NOT going to make fun of anyone’s anxieties.  We will, however, note that mankind has reached a remarkable point in history, at which a wholly bureaucratic arrangement in international relations is literally producing anxiety in individuals.  That “personal is political” thing has never gone all that far.  But “political is personal” is in its heyday.]

Concerned psychiatrists say they have been deluged with patients seeking help for ‘Brexit anxiety’ since the vote to ditch the EU.

They’ve revealed eight of 10 people ‘on the couch’ now mention their concerns over the future of the UK’s role in Europe during their sessions.

Many Brits say they feel left up in the air since the Referendum result with problems being compounded by those politicians who have now called it a day. …

Eva Kurz, a former lawyer and banker turned therapist in Belsize Park, told the Financial Times that even 12-year-olds are concerned their parents will lose their jobs and they might have to move.

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