Cop-killer Micah X. Johnson kicked out of Army for stealing panties

Cop-killer Micah X. Johnson kicked out of Army for stealing panties
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Two years – perhaps to the very day – before he murdered five Dallas police officers, Micah Johnson returned from Afghanistan a changed man.

“He was withdrawn, didn’t want to talk to people anymore, didn’t believe in God anymore,” a family friend named Myrtle Booker recalled to the Dallas Morning News.

And Booker was not the only one who described Johnson as withdrawn. The obvious explanation would have been that he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as have too many returned vets who experienced the horrors of our longest war.

But by numerous reports, Johnson and his Army Reserves engineering unit did not see so much as a moment of combat.

At least part of Johnson’s manifest transformation seems to have been the result not of PTSD, but of what might be termed PTDD, Post Traumatic Disgrace Disorder.

As reported by one of his bunkmates in Afghanistan, Johnson suffered a particular shame.

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