Here’s one celebrity athlete who WILL be in Cleveland during the GOP convention

Here’s one celebrity athlete who WILL be in Cleveland during the GOP convention

[Ed. – And not just any athlete, but the 2015 winner of the Arthur Ashe Award for courage.  Honestly: read this story, and try to tell me the GOP is NOT the big-tent party.]

Caitlyn Jenner is headed to Cleveland the week of the GOP Convention—but so far, has no plans to attend.

Caitlyn Jenner will be in Cleveland, Ohio, during the Republican National Convention.

However, when the sports and transgender icon touches down there later this month, she won’t be headed to the Quicken Loans Arena to show support for the GOP or Donald Trump. She’ll be headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to discuss the need for the Republican Party to be more open to the LGBT community.

On the morning of July 20—two days after the start of the convention—Jenner is scheduled to appear at a brunch organized by pro-LGBT conservatives, hosted by American Unity Fund, to call for increased bipartisan support for LGBT rights. The brunch and Jenner’s Q&A is not affiliated with the RNC, and will serve as counterprogramming to the Republicans’ four-day presidential nominating event. Jenner will be introduced at the event by TV personality and military veteran Montel Williams, who supported Ohio Governor John Kasich in the primary.

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