Hate group urges gangs to kill cops after Dallas shootings

Hate group urges gangs to kill cops after Dallas shootings
Micah Xavier Johnson (Image: via Facebook)

As people across the racial spectrum gathered Friday to mourn and condemn the deadliest attack on police in recent history, a group of fringe black extremist organizations found cause for celebration over the deaths of cops.

After sniper fire brought down five officers and wounded more at a Black Lives Matter march in Dallas Thursday evening, the group issued a swift statement denouncing violence. Their statements were echoed by the president, political leaders from both parties, and across social media. But, some members of black vigilante hate groups seized on Thursday’s sniper shooting in Dallas to issue a rallying cry for more violence and bloodshed against police.

“WE ARE CALLING ON THE GANGS ACROSS THE NATION! ATTACK EVERYTHING IN BLUE EXCEPT THE MAIL MAN, UNLESS HE IS CARRYING MORE THAN MAIL!,” Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, an “advisor” to the New Black Panther Party and head of the African American Defense League posted on Facebook on Friday. The message was accompanied by an image of blue and red fists embracing each other and the hashtag #BloodsAndCripsUnite, in reference to the notorious street gangs, which are typically rivals.

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