Facebook Community Standards watch: ‘Decapitating a cop’ meme is just fine

Facebook Community Standards watch: ‘Decapitating a cop’ meme is just fine

[Ed. – Users really can be forgiven for not understanding what is acceptable and what isn’t.  That said, it also doesn’t take much to figure out that we’re not talking about a fair, equally applicable set of standards here.  We’re just talking about unfair, one-sided bias.]

Facebook has refused to remove a graphic image depicting a policeman having his throat slit, reports the Daily Mail.

(Warning – Graphic content posted [at link] below)

The picture, posted on “Black Panther Party of Mississippi,” a Facebook page frequented by the Dallas shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson, was reported to the social network by a concerned user. But Facebook refused to take the image down.

In a response to the user, Facebook said the picture did not violate their policies. “We reviewed the post you reported for promoting graphic violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards” said the social network in their reply.

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