USMC officer’s lawyer wants ‘Clinton deal’ for client’s ‘classified-info mishandling’ case

USMC officer’s lawyer wants ‘Clinton deal’ for client’s ‘classified-info mishandling’ case
National security face. (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – Of course he does.  Why shouldn’t he?  I’m sure the major was just “extremely careless.”]

The argument that a free pass for Clinton should allow leniency for others soon will be tested in federal court as attorney Michael Bowe argues Marine Reserves Maj. Jason Brezler should not be separated from the military.

Brezler used a personal email account to send a classified report about an alleged child-raping, drug-dealing Afghan police official to a fellow Marine as a warning, two weeks before one of the man’s apparent rape victims murdered three Marines. He reportedly knew the document was classified, but felt its status may have changed with time.

Bowe intends to argue that Brezler deserves leniency and that his recommended punishment is arbitrary and capricious, particularly in light of Clinton’s conduct. He expects a ruling this fall.

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