State Dept spox: Deleted Clinton emails were marked classified by accident

State Dept spox: Deleted Clinton emails were marked classified by accident

A State Department spokesman argued Wednesday that some of the sensitive emails recovered by the FBI from Hillary Clinton’s server were only marked classified by accident in the agency’s first public acknowledgement that its past statements on the designation of records in Clinton’s inbox were inaccurate.

Spokesman John Kirby told reporters that the classified markings discovered on some of Clinton’s emails were the result of “human error” and not of negligence during a briefing held just one day after the FBI accused Clinton and her team of “extremely careless” treatment of classified information.

The State Department and Clinton herself have consistently argued that nothing circulated on the former secretary’s private server was marked classified at the time.

But FBI Director James Comey debunked those statements Tuesday when he announced that not only were some of the emails in Clinton’s inbox marked classified, but the presence or absence of classified markings is an irrelevant distinction when it comes to the protection of sensitive material.

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