One thing’s for sure, Mike Lee finds Fauxcahontas more attractive than I do

One thing’s for sure, Mike Lee finds Fauxcahontas more attractive than I do

[Ed. – Good grief.  Let’s just say I would choose different adjectives.  Articulate, sure.  Presentable; fine.  Sanctimonious, banal, predictable, strident, dictatorial…you get the picture.  What was Lee doing here?]

“Sen. Mike Lee has not endorsed Donald Trump and has no plans to do so,” Lee’s spokesman told Breitbart News after Lee made headlines for suggesting that his Party’s standard-bearer is “religiously intolerant.”

By contrast, in an interview with the anti-Trump Huffington Post, Lee oozed praise for far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a potential VP contender for the Democratic Presidential ticket and avowed Trump opponent. Lee described Warren as “captivating,” “smart,” “talented,” “formidable,” “persuasive,” and a “hero” to Democrats. …

When asked if the Senator agrees with the Huffington Post’s anti-Trump editors’ note, Lee’s office did not answer. Instead, Lee’s office said that he did the interview praising far-left Senator Warren as part of Lee’s effort to promote his book about defending our Constitution and our fundamental liberties from big government.

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