Black Lives Matter flooded with hate mail following Toronto Pride sit-in

Black Lives Matter flooded with hate mail following Toronto Pride sit-in

[Ed. – Dissension in the victimist ranks]

An activist group that stalled Canada’s largest Pride parade to demand more rights for racialized communities says it’s being flooded with hate mail, some of it sent by members of the LGBTQ community.

Black Lives Matter Toronto says the vitriol demonstrates the racism it is trying to combat with its actions.

The group – a Canadian chapter of the a larger U.S. movement active in Toronto since late 2014 – caused a stir on Sunday when some of its members who were marching in the city’s Pride Parade staged a sit-in – bringing the event to a halt for about half an hour.

The parade resumed when Pride Toronto’s executive director Mathieu Chantelois signed a list of demands that included more funding and better representation for racialized communities during Pride events, and a ban on police floats in future parades.

Chantelois later told the media that he only signed the list of demands so he could get the parade moving again.

“The show and the parade had to go on,” he told local TV station CP24, adding that he had only agreed to have a conversation about the issues raised by the group with his LGBTQ community.

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