Happy Nude Recreation Week

Happy Nude Recreation Week

If a clothes-free lifestyle intrigues you, consider taking part in Nude Recreation Week, a national week-long campaign sponsored by the American Association for Nude Recreation. This year, in honor of the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil, clothing-optional resorts are hosting the AANR Nude Games.

“We have Nude Recreation Week every year, and try to celebrate at the end of the week by attracting people that might want to try the lifestyle,” said Beverly Price, AANR president. “Some people need a little bit of a push, and when they realize we are just playing games for the weekend, might say, ‘Let’s go try it.'”

Shangri La Ranch in New River, north of Anthem, will offer games on Saturday, inviting anyone who is curious to come check it out. Newbies to the resort get their first visit free. There also will be karaoke on Friday night and a dance on Saturday night.

Two rounds of competition will take place on Saturday in a poker-themed version of a triathlon. During the running component, competitors will have to shuffle a deck of cards while moving. They’ll play poker in the pool, and then instead of biking, play a round of Texas hold ’em.

Participants also can play cornhole and Mölkky, a Finnish throwing game, and enjoy the resort’s two pools. First-timers will get a tour of Shangri La Ranch, and hosts are happy to answer any questions.

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