If you thought Donald Trump was ‘the Donald Trump of politics,’ naahh. It’s this guy

If you thought Donald Trump was ‘the Donald Trump of politics,’ naahh. It’s this guy

[Ed. – Maybe Donald Trump is the Newt Gingrich of New York real estate?  All I know is that something is being tortured in this metaphor.  I can hear it screaming.]

The resemblances between Gingrich and Trump are striking. Both have presided over a web of corporate entities, many of which they saddled with debts that were never paid. Both devised legally questionable ventures to disseminate their “secrets” to others in ways that conveniently benefitted themselves. People who’ve worked for them describe Gingrich and Trump in similar terms: as self-absorbed, hot-tempered bosses who view themselves as geniuses who needn’t bother with details.

Below are some relevant passages from our 2012 article. Read the whole story here. 

Since 1984, Gingrich has launched 12 politically oriented organizations and initiatives based in Washington. Of those, five have been investigated by the Internal Revenue Service and the House Ethics Committee, another five closed down with debts totaling more than $500,000, and two were subject to legal action.

According to former colleagues and subordinates, Gingrich burns through money by repeatedly expanding his plans and ignoring warnings from staff about the finances of his projects. Now, the same pattern is threatening his presidential campaign.

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