Hey, Trump: You can’t make America great again because it has never been great

Hey, Trump: You can’t make America great again because it has never been great

Let’s make America great again, shall we?

Get back to that time and place where everything was just clicking for us.

Unyielding opportunity and prosperity for everyone. Peace in our streets and abroad. American exceptionalism unquestioned around the world.

You remember. Right?

That time. The deeds that brought us to the top. That pinnacle feeling.

By all means, let’s get back there, and revel in our return.

But wait, before we go pursuing that goal, there might be a few other questions to answer.

Like, which time and space in American history are we talking about?

I fear Donald Trump’s presidential campaign slogan, “Make America great again,” is appealing to national ego and nostalgia. And the fervor it whips up is dangerous in its whitewashing of the internal failings and conflict that have defined our union from the start.

Read in the worst way, it’s a cynical appeal to those Americans who long for a time when the inequality baked into our government and culture had a more profound effect than it does today.

More important — who was the beneficiary of that American greatness, and who was left out of it?

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