U.S. court on internet ‘piracy’: Linking an IP address isn’t enough

U.S. court on internet ‘piracy’: Linking an IP address isn’t enough
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In what could be an intriguing decision, a federal judge in Oregon has recommended the dismissal of a case against a user who allegedly pirated an Adam Sandler movie. According to the judge, linking an IP address to someone’s internet connection isn’t enough to directly tie someone to piracy.

According to the case, which TorrentFreak reported on, copyright holders for The Cobbler lodged a suit in the Oregon District Court against Thomas Gonzales for pirating the Adam Sandler film.

Unfortunately for the filmmakers, they relied on what used to be the tried-and-true method of linking an IP address to a user’s internet connection. And as far as Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman was concerned, that wasn’t enough to tie the defendant to the alleged infringement.

“Plaintiff has not alleged any specific facts tying Gonzales to the infringing conduct,” Judge Beckerman wrote. “While it is possible that the subscriber is also the person who downloaded the movie, it is also possible that a family member, a resident of the household, or an unknown person engaged in the infringing conduct.

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