Loretta Lynch let Clinton board her plane because it was hot on the tarmac or something

Loretta Lynch let Clinton board her plane because it was hot on the tarmac or something
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What was she supposed to say when he approached the plane? “This is highly inappropriate, Mr President, and will badly damage your credibility and mine”?

She could have said that, come to think of it.

A Democrat who was briefed on the meeting told me that it was more than a hundred degrees outside and Lynch, who was immediately uncomfortable with the visit, felt that she couldn’t shoo the sixty-nine-year-old former President, who has had heart problems in the past, back onto the tarmac. Lynch, according to this person, also insisted that her security detail remain at her side while Clinton was onboard her aircraft so that the ex-President and the Attorney General would not be alone together. (A spokesperson for the Attorney General declined to comment.)

So Lynch was immediately aware of the appearance of impropriety yet allowed the meeting to proceed. Fancy that. Ken Kurson of the New York Observer (which is owned by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner) hears that her staff was immediately aware of it too. How could they not be? Everyone in America with more than an eighth-grade education grasps the problem of an AG huddling privately with a former president while federal charges may or may not be looming against his presidential-candidate wife. Except, I guess, Bill Clinton.

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