Great news: Zika mosquito frequents a little birdbath 3 blocks from Capitol Hill

Great news: Zika mosquito frequents a little birdbath 3 blocks from Capitol Hill
The Zika-carrying mosquito Aedes aegypti, no longer on a solo mission in the Western hemisphere. (Image via News Independent)

[Ed. – Tourists, beware.  Elected representatives — whatever.  Knock yourselves out.  Just remember, the Democrats are playing a game of hostage-taking with Zika-prevention funding.  See here as well.]

Once two tiered, now one, the birdbath is no less apt a symbol of unconscionable inaction in the Capitol three blocks away.

On each of the previous four years, the birdbath has produced living specimens of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, best known for carrying the Zika virus.

And, even as the Senate proceeds to the Fourth of July recess without passing a bill funding Zika research, a scientific team is poised to test whether the birdbath and its immediate vicinity have produced a fifth generation of the bugs. …

So far, none of the Capitol Hill mosquitoes have been tested for Zika, and there is no reason to believe they are carrying it, but there is a chance—however slight—that one of them will happen to bite an infected human. That mosquito could then bite someone else and pass on the virus.

“It’s a slim possibility, but is possible,” Severson says.

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