UK wild: Corbyn loses Labour no-confidence vote – but won’t resign; ScotNats bid to take over oppo?

UK wild: Corbyn loses Labour no-confidence vote – but won’t resign; ScotNats bid to take over oppo?
Countdown to zero hour.

[Ed. – No reports on hell freezing over, so I’m not holding my breath on the Scot Nats.  But it’s a roller coaster over there right now.  Gotta get us some-a that.]

Today’s key developments

Jeremy Corbyn has lost a vote of no confidence in his leadership (172 votes to 40) but is expected to battle on to force a contest in which Angela Eagle or Tom Watson is likely to be the rival candidate.

David Cameron is in Brussels for discussions with European leaders about Britain’s exit from the EU. He has told journalists that “we must not turn our backs on Europe”. …

Corbyn ‘playing idiotic games’

Danny Blanchflower, the economist who resigned earlier from Labour’s economic advisory council, says “Corbyn is playing idiotic games”. …

Jack Straw warns of ‘apocalypse’ for Labour

Jack Straw, the former foreign secretary, said earlier that his party faced an “apocalypse” if an election was held and Mr Corbyn was still in office. He told Sky News:

It’s probably the worst crisis since Labour’s formation. Mr Corbyn’s position is wholly untenable. This I’m afraid is a very old Trotskyist fantasy, that somehow or other he’ll be able to bypass parliament. …

SNP bid to take over as official opposition

The Scottish National Party, which has 54 seats in the House of Commons to Labour’s 229, has announced it would make a bid to take over as the official opposition party in parliament.

“The official opposition must be ‘prepared to assume office’. Labour can’t anymore,” wrote SNP lawmaker Peter Wishart on Twitter, citing parliamentary practice.

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