ISIS-linked Saudi Arabian twins kill own mother over her opposition to terror group

ISIS-linked Saudi Arabian twins kill own mother over her opposition to terror group
Credit: Reuters/Suhaib Salem

Twin brothers wanted to join ISIS and their parents objected. But Muslims mean business when they say “fidaka abi wa-ummi ya rasul Allah” (I sacrifice my father and my mother for you O messenger of Allah). “Sacrifice” means sacrifice and “mother” means mother, especially in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

This is why the two (identical twin) brothers in Riyadh Saudi Arabia began to slaughter their entire family, killing their mother and seriously injuring their father and elder brother by using a cleaver.

The Saudi twins (the two desert monkeys you see above), Khalid and Saleh Al Areeni first stabbed their mother with a cleaver and sharp knives before turning on their father. They then chased their elder brother and stabbed him too multiple times as well. Having thought the entire family was finished, the twins fled the scene in a stolen car.

The two stabbed men were critically injured and taken to hospital, while the woman died on the spot.

After a large-scale manhunt, police caught the brothers some 100 km (62 miles) from the capital. According to a statement issued by the Saudi interior ministry, the crime was premeditated and the twins were found to be loyal to IS.

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