Another media theme debunked: Searches on ‘What is Brexit’ coming from majority-Bremain areas

Another media theme debunked: Searches on ‘What is Brexit’ coming from majority-Bremain areas

[Ed. – This is hilarious.  It doesn’t mean “what is Brexit” wasn’t a popular search for Brexit voters after the vote.  But it does mean that it was a popular search for Bremain voters — meaning, in turn, that the narrative that Brexit voters were uniquely ignorant of what they were doing is invalid.  I suspected all along that the search was merely what you would expect from people looking for detailed commentary, once they knew how the vote came out.  People often do very simple searches on things they already understand, because they’re hoping to get a variety of results to choose from that way.]

According to information from Google Trends, the UK regions that voted to remain in the European Union were busy searching “What is Brexit?” following the Brexit vote.

Google Trends, on Twitter, highlighted three regions where “What is Brexit?” was listed as the top EU referendum question on the search engine in the hours after polling closed last week.

Two of those regions, Northern Ireland and Scotland, voted heavily to “remain” in the EU. Both Northern Ireland and Scotland were showing “What is Brexit?” as the top EU referendum question after polls closed. …

“What does it mean to leave the EU?” was the top question in the UK on the EU referendum following the announcement of the Brexit result, according to Google.

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