‘Londependence’ petition calls for London to join the EU on its own

‘Londependence’ petition calls for London to join the EU on its own

In the EU referendum, London was overwhelmingly in favour of the UK staying with its union-mates, the Remain vote in some parts reaching over 70 per cent.

This split between capital and country has led some to suggest London go it alone and be made eligible to apply for EU membership as a city.

“London is an international city, and we want to remain at the heart of Europe,” a change.org petition states.

“Let’s face it – the rest of the country disagrees… so let’s make the divorce official and move in with our friends on the continent.

“This petition is calling on Mayor Sadiq Khan to declare London independent, and apply to join the EU – including membership of the Schengen Zone (Umm, we’ll talk about the Euro…).”

The petition has already attracted 28,000 signatures at the time of writing.

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