Federal judge strikes down Obama order to regulate fracking on federal lands

Federal judge strikes down Obama order to regulate fracking on federal lands

[Ed. – It’s nice to have the precedent here, even though — as with Obama exceeding his authority on illegal immigration — we’ll have to wait until there’s a different president for this to have a practical effect.]

[Y]ou probably missed an Obama-appointed federal judge striking down the administration’s regulations on fracking within federal lands. The judge ruled that the Department of the Interior does not have regulatory authority in this matter (via The Hill):

A federal judge appointed by President Obama struck down the administration’s regulation on hydraulic fracturing on federal lands on Tuesday, ruling that the Interior Department does not have congressional authority to regulate fracking. … 

This is one of the many setbacks for the Obama administration’s energy agenda. In February, the Supreme Court issued a stay on the Clean Power Plan’s regulations for power plants. The plan is an ambitious effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 30 percent by 2025 from 2005 levels. In the process, the CPP aims to torpedo the home budgets of almost everyone, including fixed-income seniors, due to increased energy costs.  The plan seems to target rural Americans and pretty much every state that didn’t vote for Obama in 2012. Over half the states oppose the plan, with Democratic and Republican attorneys general filing a lawsuit over the plan.

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