Newest/hottest microaggression is totally awesome

Newest/hottest microaggression is totally awesome
Who microaggressed whom to set up this play date? (Image: Screen grab of video by capecodtimes, YouTube)

[Ed. – Presumably this is only a microaggression in the very specific business setting enumerated in the UNC guide.  It would surely not be a microaggression for, say, the POTUS-in-Chief to propose a round of his favorite pastime to his august associates.]

The handout, which was posted on Thursday, explains that saying, “‘I love your shoes!’ … to a woman in leadership during a Q&A after a speech” is a “microaggression” because what you’re really saying is, “I notice how you look and dress more than I value your intellectual contributions.” …

Another microaggression? “I think we should have our staff retreat at the country club. Let’s plan a round of golf.”

Yes, seriously. Why? Well according to the handout, it “assumes employees have the financial resources/exposure to a fairly (expensive and inaccessible) sport.”

It’s not clear why those random parentheses were used.

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