Great news: Obamacare now prohibits docs from treating you based on your actual biology

Great news: Obamacare now prohibits docs from treating you based on your actual biology

[Ed. – It used to be taken for granted that you should have the medical procedures and treatments suitable for your, you know, actual, existing body parts.  But that’s discriminatory, and the Obama HHS is having no more of it.]

The rule stated: “Sex stereotypes can also include a belief that gender can only be binary and thus that individuals cannot have a gender identity other than male or female. OCR [Office of Civil Rights] recognizes that an individual’s gender identity involves the interrelationship between an individual’s biology, gender, internal sense of self and gender expression related to the perception; thus, the gender identity spectrum includes an array of possible gender identities beyond male and female.

In her analysis, Dean also cited examples of how enforcement of the rule would apply, including the case a transgender individual who “alleged that a Colorado wellness program denied coverage of her mammogram because she transitioned from male-to-female rather than female-to-male.

“The wellness program was funded primarily by the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, administered by the CDC. Under the program, CDC’s position was to cover only individuals who were genetically female. After OCR’s investigation, CDC issued guidance clarifying that recipients of CDC grants may cover mammogram services for transgender women who have taken or are taking hormones.”

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