Desperate diversity: Psychotically P.C. Wells Fargo sees huge stock plunge

Desperate diversity: Psychotically P.C. Wells Fargo sees huge stock plunge
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Market watch recently reported that Wells Fargo stock has plunged into its greatest losing streak in nearly nine years. This comes as little surprise given the fact that the company has experienced a takeover at the hands of radical leftists. Leftists may be experts in certain things like organic gardening, herbal healing, and folk music. But they are not known for their expertise in economics and personal finance. In case you have missed Wells Fargo’s recent radical political shift, here are some of the highlights:

GOP Convention Boycott. …

Multicultural Social Media Activism. A couple days ago I took the time to read the last ten tweets on the Wells Fargo twitter page. Of those ten tweets, seven were about “diversity and inclusion.” Six of those seven tweets were specifically about homosexuality. …

-Anti-Bullying Legislation. If you think you can avoid Wells Fargo LGBT activism by doing your transactions with a teller rather than an ATM machine you are wrong. In February, I made the mistake of wearing a purple and black tie into a Wells Fargo branch office. The teller encouraged me to wear it again on upcoming LGBT anti-bullying day, which is also in February. I can remember a time when you could go to a bank and cash a check without hearing about the plight of poor oppressed homosexuals being teased during recess in our government run schools. But at least it helps divert attention from the fact that Wells Fargo has corporate offices in nations that execute homosexuals. Talk about a lethal injection of corporate hypocrisy. I mean, it almost shocks the conscience.

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