Upside of Brexit: Cheaper Aston Martins for Yanks

Upside of Brexit: Cheaper Aston Martins for Yanks
Brexit bargain bait? (Image via TH)

[Ed. – The warning issued by Soros has to be one of the strongest arguments FOR the “Leave” position.  Soros’s record on currency predictions is entirely one of deceit and manipulation.]

The Chief Executive of British luxury sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin, has hinted Americans will get their cars cheaper if the UK leaves the European Union. Andy Palmer wrote to all of his employees to say Brexit would lead to a fall in the value of the pound, making all British exports cheaper, including his company’s supercars.

There has been a fierce debate in Britain about the effect Brexit might have on the car industry. The Remain campaign claims the EU will put up trade tariffs against British cars, forcing large manufacturers like Nissan to relocate. However, Leave advocates point out the UK is one of the biggest consumers of German cars, and this would make Berlin reluctant to see any restrictions on cross-channel free trade.

Palmer’s letter to Aston Martin staff was balanced and sought to inform the 1800 employees on the issues for and against EU membership. He conceded that leaving would have a short-term impact on Britain’s GDP, but he said the reduction in the value of the pound was likely to offset this. …

Not everyone welcomed the suggestion the pound might fall after Brexit. The billionaire financier and pro-European, George Soros, claimed a falling pound would leave many in Britain worse off.

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