VA Rep. Randy Forbes loses primary to GOP challenger, former SEAL Scott Taylor

VA Rep. Randy Forbes loses primary to GOP challenger, former SEAL Scott Taylor
New breed. (Image: Screen grab of Fox News video via Facebook, Scott Taylor)

[Ed. – The GOP establishment ignores disgust over jobs and trade policies at its peril.  It’s because of bad U.S. government policies at home that free trade has come to be equated in many voters’ minds with their jobs being outsourced or just shipped overseas.  If Republicans don’t get ahead of this problem, there won’t be any point in having the party at all.]

Former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor defeated Virginia Republican Rep. Randy Forbes in the June 14 primary, providing Americans and their legislators with more evidence of popular opposition to rigged trade deals, Obamatrade, and mass immigration.

Forbes voted in 2015 to hand “Fast Track Authority” to President Barack Obama. That authority stops Congress from amending trade deals — including the pending so-called Obamatrade or Trans-Pacific Partnership deal — and so transfers an important power from a Republican Congress to a Democratic president. Forbes is serving his eight two-year term in Congress.

Taylor will run against Democrat candidate Shaun Brown in November.

In the primary campaign, Taylor hammered Forbes for “disingenuously” voting for fast track while saying he would not vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). “He voted for fast track authority for this president. And I understand this is the mood of the country, and perhaps Donald Trump has really brought it to the forefront, that it doesn’t sound good for him to say that,” Taylor said. “But he already voted to give fast track authority to this president.”

Congress “acts as though they are witnesses to this process and not actual participants,” Taylor added.

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