Hmm: Is newly vocal Petraeus ‘auditioning for rehabilitation’?

Hmm: Is newly vocal Petraeus ‘auditioning for rehabilitation’?

[Ed. – Honestly, sounds like wishful thinking on Kaplan’s part.  Like most, Kaplan doesn’t get that America is jerking forward from the conditions that would make a Democrat-oriented political “rehabilitation” possible.  The past ain’t comin back, folks.]

Petraeus endorsed tighter restrictions on gun sales, including the “no-fly, no-buy rule,” under which anyone on an FBI watch list would be barred from purchasing firearms.

At the same forum, he decried Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric (without uttering the Republican candidate’s name), noting that wherever we’ve met progress in the Middle East, there’s been “a Muslim partner.” …

And though Petraeus criticized some of President Obama’s policies on Iraq and Syria, he praised the actions taken lately, saying that ISIS forces on the ground are “close to collapse” and that “the odds are,” their strongholds will be cleared by the end of Obama’s term in office.

In short, and to the disturbance of some conservatives who might have thought he was on their side, Petraeus has been sounding a lot like a Democrat. …

[A] close associate of Petraeus’ says that, though he recognizes the damage the retired general inflicted on his prospects, he does “not rule out the possibility of further government service.” He still pines for that life, and what we might be seeing, in these op-eds, speeches, and interviews, is an audition for the ultimate rehabilitation.

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