Alarm bells go off? Pentagon stops ‘giving details’ on troops injured in Iraq, Syria

Alarm bells go off? Pentagon stops ‘giving details’ on troops injured in Iraq, Syria
When "the Pentagon" speaks, in any official capacity, this is whose voice you're hearing.

[Ed. – Sure, that’s not suspicious at all.  The Reuters story is correct:  the Pentagon has been reporting on the numbers and types of injuries in the theater since 2001.  Some will speculate that it’s because injured troops may be Special Forces — but in the theaters where we openly acknowledge our military presence, the Pentagon has readily reported those numbers and generic details (i.e., gravity of injuries, general location) very recently.  This is new.]

The U.S. military will not provide details on specific cases of American service members injured in Iraq and Syria because it could give information to Islamic State militants, a Pentagon spokesman said on Tuesday

The spokesman, Peter Cook, was responding to a question at a Pentagon press briefing seeking confirmation that four Americans had been wounded in Syria earlier this month.

Cook said there had been no a change in policy and aggregate numbers would still be provided.

“Our policy is not to identify wounded service members for a variety of reasons, including operational security, including privacy reasons,” Cook said.

“Also, we do not want to provide additional information to the enemy that might enhance their own assessment on the battlefield situation,” he said.

However, the Pentagon has released such information in the past and responded to queries, and it was unclear how Cook’s comments were consistent with previous disclosures.

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