Even liberal bloggers leery of the proposed watch list-gun prohibitions link

Even liberal bloggers leery of the proposed watch list-gun prohibitions link

Kevin Drum, a liberal blogger at Mother Jones, said that Senate Democrats forced him to make a terrible decision: siding with the National Rifle Association. …

Now, I’m not speaking for Drum, as he’s for many other gun control initiatives, like a ban on high-capacity magazine, but concerning people who come on the FBI’s radar? He gives a forceful “no thanks” [bold text indicates Sargent’s post]:

Here’s how it would work. The FBI would be notified anytime that someone on a “known or suspected terrorist” list tries to buy a gun. That’s nothing new. But they’d also be notified of attempted purchases by anyone who has been investigated for terrorist links or activities within the past five years. That’s new. But what’s really new is that the Attorney General could then block the purchase. Could. [The Washington Post’s] Greg Sargent explains:The crux of the proposal is that it would not automatically result in anyone being denied the right to buy a firearm based on suspicion of terror-related behavior. Rather, it would give the Attorney General thediscretion to block a sale to a given individual suspected of involvement of some kind in terrorism.


There are plenty of gun-control measures I’d support. Banning high-cap magazines, for one. But banning gun sales to anyone who’s ever caught the FBI’s attention? No thanks. Senate Democrats have finally put me in the position of agreeing with the NRA. Nice work, folks.

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Drum isn’t alone.

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